Your Choice of Charming Ceremony Locations

Would you prefer your ceremony (civil or religiously blessed) in one of the Villa’s private chambers? That can be arranged.

Or perhaps a more relaxed occasion on the pristine grounds of the Villa’s private park? No problem.

How about a different venue in a nearby medieval church? Antonella will see to it personally.

A civil wedding can be also held directly in Pisa itself, or even in the serene and intimate location of nearby Lucca.

Even alternative lifestyle ceremonies are discreetly and expertly handled.  

On Your Special Day Why Not Experience The Grandeur Of An All But Vanished World

Your wedding of a lifetime is not only possible but here’s something you may find quite startling:

Getting married in Italy is comparable in cost to having a large typical wedding in the United States! Yes, your guest list will probably be smaller (as if that is a detriment!), but the experience will be unlike any other you or your guests will likely ever have again.

Rest assured that years into the future, your guests will be still talking about your wedding, that celebration being among their most treasured memories.

Call us today for a free consultation and find out how we can help your special day just that little bit more special!