Hailing from the 15th century, this ancient and historic Villa i Cedri lies on the outskirts of Pisa, in Tuscany Italy. Built upon the former grounds of Lorenzo the Magnificent, and now residing upon a private park, you’ll stroll amidst the shade of seculars cedars, stately magnolias and primordial ginko biloba trees… along the very paths trodden by the Renaissance’s Medici’s.
Time for a more modern and refreshing break? The large and immaculate swimming pool is at your sole disposal, along with its locker rooms, gazebo, kitchen and even a barbecue!

Completely surrounded by stone walls centuries old, this entire stunning location affords the perfect mix of complete privacy and classic elegance.

With its suggestive inside stairway, the vast saloons and storied architecture, your villa itself is almost beyond comparison – its 12 bedrooms standing ready to comfortably accommodate up to 23 of your family and guests.
A private staff of groundskeepers, housekeepers and even world class chefs cheerfully fulfill even your smallest desires.

A day, a week, or even longer depending upon your needs… consider this villa your private residence for the entire gathering.

But… however spectacular the setting, the impeccable wedding planning services provided more than matches it.